Commissioning an Engagement ring

How to Consolidate your thoughts by

Considering the 7-point list below :-

1. What size of stones you would like in mm. across the stone and how many stones?

2. What shape stone would your partner prefer?, round, oval, square, emerald cut, or pear shape.

3. Which precious metal do you think your partner would choose?.

( A tip to find this out is to see what their other jewellery is, normally you will get an indication of what they would choose, if it’s both white and yellow gold then you are safe to go either way .)

4. Consider whether your partner likes simple designs, elaborate designs, open wire work, a solid appearance or a wide or narrow shank.

For the shank width visualize this in millimetres on your finger, bearing in mind the width of a wedding band too will be needed,- and try to observe the space they have on the finger from hand to knuckle. 

5. Claw set stones, or bezel set?

(a ‘bezel’ set is a rub over of the metal all around the stone which holds it into the setting.

(If you imagine a small tube with the stone set into the top with a rim of metal holding it all around, -that is a bezel setting.)

This is one style of setting I use as a preference in many of my designs, as it is more practical to wear, but for larger stones where letting more light through the stone will enhance it visually, then the claw is the better choice.

6. – What stone would they prefer? Have they always wanted a Diamond or would they prefer

a special coloured stone, such as a high quality Ceylon sapphire for instance ,  or a combination of both? 

7) Finally,- what size is the ring to be?

 The Simple ring, this ring can be created with your choice of precious metal or stones.

Examples of stones could be – a Princess cut diamond, a beautiful Ceylon sapphire, a Ruby, or an Emerald.

Alternatively, if you want a semi-precious stone, a tsavorite, citrine, peridot, tourmaline or a topaz like the one illustrated above can be chosen.



If your partner has an existing ring that fits that engagement finger,- then I can take a measurement from it,

or you could try it on your finger, mark the line it comes to, then get your finger sized at a local jewellers and let me know that way. 

I would need to know the ‘leading edge’ size on a mandril, ( ie. the size the ring sizer comes to on the mandril in the jewellers shop when you are measured.

If your partner doesn’t have an existing ring that fits that finger,- then a ring from the other hand on the equivalent engagement finger could be measured,

and made slightly smaller, as the left hand is normally smaller than the right.


Design details can be discussed with me either by email, or phone, and I will do a sketch to show you the final idea, – it can still be tweaked at this stage.

If you have no idea what you would like made, in terms of a design, then I offer a selection of ideas for a charge of £55.00.

Alternatively I will interpret your ideas through our conversations, to come up with a finalized idea in a sketch to enable you to visualize it


Diamonds and other precious stones can be sourced for your special piece of jewellery.

 Various options on quality and size of stone can be looked into, and I will give you a choice over how much you prefer to spend on your feature stone.

The diamonds I buy in for you would be ‘Conflict free’ and can also be ‘Certificated’ above the 1 carat size.


Once we have reached an agreement based on your choices above, an estimate can be worked out.

 If you are happy with everything, and you wish to give me the ‘go ahead’ then normal delivery time would be 4 – 6 weeks from order

depending on the complexity of the job.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to call me on 01509 239348 or mobile 07913575490 to make an appointment to see me in Loughborough,

or Email:-

Many thanks

Helen. 🙂