Helen Burrell

Helen Burrell


A warm welcome to you from Helen Burrell Fine Jewellery Limited.

A Jewellery Designer based in Loughborough. Established as a Designer and Goldsmith for over 30 years.  

My career started in jewellery design after doing a year’s foundation course. After completing a three-year degree course in 3-dimensional design at Loughborough college of Art and Design I began to specialise in jewellery making.

Since then, I have managed two shops, and have worked as a jewellery tutor, a healer and a bereavement counsellor as well as working with children and young adults in the education system.

Alongside these aspects of work, I have been developing ranges of jewellery and I am now continuing my bespoke services working for the public making special pieces for special occasions.

The ranges of rings displayed on this site are for sale. Production is normally within 3-4 weeks from order, unless of course I have them in stock, when you can have them delivered within a couple of days.


Inspired by my love of Cornwall, and the countryside, my particular favourite themes for the ranges include symbolic pieces representing plants gardens etc. in my Nature Range,  – and the theme of the Sea, rocks, pebbles and natural forms etc. are reflected in my Coastal Range.

Most of my work otherwise is made to commission as custom jewellery.

Examples are shown in my General range and the Portfolio.

Engagement and wedding rings, dress rings are a speciality and are designed to suit my clients’ specific requirements. 

Helen Burrell Fine Jewellery Portfolio

So, if you have a favourite place or memory, we may be able to work together to represent it in a 3-Dimensional form.

All types precious stones, including diamonds (certificated ones if required, are available in over a 0ne carat weight .

Chains and ready-made jewellery are also available to order.

Otherwise for some time now I have also been working with an excellent CAD company (computer aided design)

to achieve very special stone set pieces that can be seen by my clients as rendered design images before being created.

This is a very good way of inspiring confidence in the proposed finished piece.

At the stage of rendering they look completely real.

The design can still be adjusted at this point to suit the clients’ requirements,

(See the CAD section of this website for examples.)

I am based in Loughborough, Leicestershire and can see you by appointment.

If you live too far away, we can work via email, phone and postal methods.

Distance is no object – I have worked for clients in Australia so … 


Please feel free to get in touch.

Helen: 01509 239348
Mobile: 07913 575 490
or email: helen.m.burrell@btinternet.com

I look forward to hearing from you.